Five things I wish I'd done differently at my own wedding

I got married five and a half years ago. I loved our day. I loved that I was marrying my amazing boyfriend and best friend of 10 years (sorry Mr HSW, just had to get that in!). I loved that we got to stand up in front of our fave people and say our "I do's" and "I love you's"! But there are a few niggly little things that, even all this time on, I wish I'd done a bit differently.

I wish...I'd high—fived myself more often

I wish I'd high-fived myself daily (no, make that hourly!) about the weight I'd lost leading up to my day. Instead, I spent the entire time wishing I'd lost more! The "normal" thing to do, maybe, but still such a waste of time! Now, five and a half years on and carrying a bit too much junk-in-my-trunk (err, I blame the 2¼ year old and my love of Cadburys!), I would quite literally give my right arm to be my wedding weight again!

My wedding weight I wish I'd realised I was happy with

I wish...I'd hired a videographer

I wish I'd hired a videographer. Now, at the time, for a reason I can't quite comprehend now, I was absolutely adamant I didn't want one! I didn't want a videographer because "who wants to sit and watch their wedding again and again?". Well, as it turns out, I do! The next day, when I woke up and realised how quickly that one day had whizzed by, I realised my mistake. My disappointment of not having booked a videographer was almost instant. As much as the memories will stay with me forever, how I would have loved to sit down with my mum and mum-in-law with a glass of fizz and watch it all over again! And how amazing that on big anniversaries for years to come, I could sit down with Mr HSW and my boy to re-live it?

Luckily, one of my bridesmaids video'd most of the ceremony. And, amazingly, someone else video'd a little clip of us surrounded by friends, dancing and singing in a circle doing "full-on shouty singing" to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody...and who wouldn't want to watch that on repeat?!

I wish...I'd re-done my hair

I wish I'd pulled the hundreds of clips out of my hair, kicked my hairdresser out the door and re-done my hair myself! This has to be my biggest bugbear. I should've seen the signs at the very beginning. I should've run for the hills when I turned up at the hairdresser's house for my hair trial and was met at the front door by her in slippers and a dressing gown - she'd forgotten to write my appointment in her diary. Take two comes around and the first style which I was really keen on (think "down, slight wave, little bit pulled back") made me look like, well, there really is no other way to put it...a pornstar! Not really the look I was going for on my wedding day. So I said no to that one. The second hairstyle was nice, but just a tad too traditional for me but, and this is the crazy thing, I went with it - because I felt that I couldn't say no again.

This is a major lesson learnt for me and one that I will always stress to my couples! Don't give the answer that you think people want to hear if it isn't the one you really want to give. Book suppliers that you trust 100%. Nothing more, nothing less. You're parting with your hard-earned wedding savings, so only give it to suppliers you know will do the job you want them to on the day. Oh, and for the love of all that makes a perfect wedding, if you don't like something (anything), say so. Suppliers aren't mind readers! Don't lose your mind like I did and go along with something you don't like just because you feel bad or that you'll lose a deposit. It's just not worth it in the long run.

The wedding hair do I wish I'd had the balls to change

I wish...I'd hired a band

I wish I'd hired a band. There are some A.mazing bands out there, but it didn't even enter my head to even talk to any, let alone consider booking them! Five years ago, I seem to remember that I thought all wedding bands were cheesy. How wrong I was! I've seen what an amazing band does for a wedding – they absolutely rock it.

I wish...That Pinterest was around

I wish that Pinterest was around back in my own wedding planning day - oh my! I can't even imagine the amount of boards I would've had on the go...and how many DIY projects (that would have probably all involved glitter!) I would have been simultaneously working on as a consequence.

By the way, Heart Shaped Weddings has a few Pinterest boards to get your wedding juices flowing.

If only Pinterest had been around five years ago

One of the main reasons that I do what I do is because I want to make sure that you lovely couples can look back on your day without any of the "I wish's", apart from maybe – I WISH WE COULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

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