A heart shaped look at 2015 so far

Well hello there!

I admit it...I've been a tad lax on the old blog posts of late! I wish I had an exciting, fancy excuse to give you but all I can say is that I've been completely non-stop running around and crazy busy! I've got more lists on the go than I care to even mention.

But now I'm back - to fill these pages with a whole heap of gorgeousness!

I thought the best way to ease myself back into bloggingdom was to give you a little insight into what I've been doing for the last few months.

9 reasons why heart Shaped Weddings has loved everything about 2015 so far

A wedding showcase at the Waddesdon Estate

I was lucky enough to be invited by The Bespoke Wedding Company to a day of discovery at the beautiful Waddesdon Estate in Buckinghamshire where I spent a fab few hours nosing around the famous Dairy, the Grade II listed Five Arrows Hotel with it's 2 AA rosette restaurant and the incredible Windmill Hill (which is a really amazing not-what-you're-expecting space that I'd thoroughly recommend as a cool venue for a drinks reception!). Oh, let's not forget – I also sampled the culinary delights of the Waddesdon chefs – t'was delish!

Afternoon tea at Cowarth Park

My birthday was all the way back in August and my fab friends (The RC’s) offered to treat Mr HSW and I to afternoon tea at the awesome Cowarth Park. I do love an afternoon tea...I’ve probably sampled one to many in my time...but oh my goodness, it was a goodun! Cowarth Park is a top notch venue and the staff couldn’t be more helpful – need more sandwiches or scones and jam? Just ask! Yep, that may have happened. Twice.

A Summer 2015 marquee wedding in the planning

July is shaping up to be a busy one for Heart Shaped Weddings! I’m working on some really exciting weddings for this year’s wedding season, not least of all this one – A beautiful marquee wedding set in the back garden of the bride’s parents house in spectacular Seer Green, Buckinghamshire. A great catch up meeting with the lovely couple talking all things décor (one of my most fave topics!).

A styled photoshoot with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

I took part in a styled photoshoot with some of the lovely ladies from the UKAWP. We were each assigned a certain aspect of a wedding day and set about creating a photoshoot to die for! I can’t say too much until the end result of this incredible day is published (and then I wont shut up about it), but it was an amazing day and I was lucky enough to have some amazing suppliers agree to work with me. Big thanks to Box Seventy Seven.

A Spring wedding at Hedsor House

Heart Shaped Weddings' very first wedding of 2015 – on-the-day wedding coordination at the gorgeous Hedsor House! It really is such a joy working with everyone there – the staff are just fantastic. I can’t wait to go back.

Mr HSW’s 35th

My friends and family know that I’m most definitely not a domestic goddess (in the kitchen). I venture into "That Room" mostly to get another bottle of Prosecco out of the fridge! But, it was the Hubby’s birthday so I felt I needed to don my good-wife apron and bake him a cake – Smarties, KitKats and chocolate – Doesn’t look bad does it? A word of advice if you’re not the best cake maker in the world...literally throw a load of chocolate sweets at it and all will be fine!

Lovely Lille

Mr HSW and I took ourselves off to Lille in Northern France for the weekend (a belated Christmas present to ourselves) without The Little Person! We missed him, of course, but man oh man it was good to have a weekend "off" and just be us again! And, specially for us (I like to think), the sun broke through the clouds and it was t-shirt weather! I even managed to persuade Mr HSW to let us do a very obvious 2CV tour around the city, much to his protest!

The Most Curious Wedding Fair

In March I attended a wedding fair like no other – it was full of really really amazing suppliers that I would love to work with in the future. Such as Comeuppance, a London-based company that produces handmade paper décor like no other. Micheala's floral wall display was the very first thing I saw when I got there, so I knew I was in for a real treat. Another fave was HeyStyle, a props company like I’ve not seen before – think pastel-coloured pineapples and retro cinema-style signs. Nothing stereotypical or obvious about The Most Curious Wedding Fair, that’s for sure! These glorious lights are from Dorris Loves – they also do some amazing temporary tattoos.

A picture of my Monkey!

Just because. A picture of the boy just because he makes my Heart Shaped world go round and makes me smile every single day.

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